Are your systems working harder and you’re just not seeing results?  Does everything look “ok” to you on surface, yet you have that nagging feeling that it’s not ok?  I have the uncanny ability to find solutions to problems that most people have yet to think about.  Contact me and let’s find your solution.

Get Strategic

A BSBA in Computer Information Systems recipient from UCM, Ben has been developing information technology solutions for over 20 years for companies like Sprint, Yellow-Roadway, the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as an internet marketing firm and its sister call center solutions company. A seasoned public speaker and member of Toastmasters International, Ben’s speaking and motivational abilities helped the call center team members start their day. He continuously works on improving and sharpening these skills. His work ethics and integrity are well known and recognized among his former and current clients. Furthermore, Ben started, developed and sold a screen print company that thrives to this day. Right now, Ben is working on developing and growing his current venture, IT Nachos, in which he’s deploying his technical skills, personal integrity and business ethics and his profound and practical understanding of business and people.